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Pet Friends Line Match 3 Game


★★★ 是否你准备好水果结合起来,帮助动物的团队从中打算摧毁它的机器拯救它们的栖息地的最可爱的解谜冒险吗?潜入这个关于宠物奇妙的传奇故事,享受有趣的水平万吨,设计精美的世界相结合3,更元素的广泛流行的游戏。 ★动物朋友 – 钻石游戏和比赛3游戏★恭候您的光临,其惊人的图形和令人上瘾的比赛3游戏!加入最可爱的动物的球队在他们的拯救他们的森林现在的冒险! ★★★★惊人的解谜冒险为Android™!★耀眼的图形和声音!★大量令人兴奋的水平征服了!★每一个人物独特的权力!★创建和发展了一批可爱的宠物角色;★探索美丽的世界:森林,稀树草原,沙漠,湖泊;★保存从机的攻击的森林;★连接同种彩色瓷砖;★该行的长度 - 对你的敌人的攻击就越大;★选择你的宠物明智的;★开发你的角色变得更强;★您可以参加疯狂的冒险中最令人兴奋的宠物游戏之一是免费的!
★关于宠物一个新的和令人惊异的故事即将开始下载★动物朋友 – 钻石游戏和比赛3游戏★免费的那一刻!以从打普通的“宝石游戏”休息,并尝试了类似的,但同样令人印象深刻和令人上瘾的东西。如果你是“益智游戏”一个球迷,但在同一时间,你喜欢玩超级可爱的人物和有趣的故事,我们为您提供完美的解决方案。
★进入神奇的森林世界,开始了疯狂的传奇关于抢救!我们为您介绍一个很好的解谜冒险游戏,保证好玩的时间和好心情小时。简单而有趣的玩,具有挑战性的掌握,绝对是最令人兴奋的“游戏免费”与奖金一 - ★动物朋友 – 钻石游戏和比赛3游戏★!
★小森林里的动物在它们的栖息地和平地生活,直到残酷的机器来了,开始摧毁那里所有的树木。现在是你来帮助他们争取他们回来,并成功地拯救森林的使命。这种动物是现在团结在他们的使命,以打击敌人最好的朋友 - 所有你需要做的是收集他们在一个团队中,发现他们特殊的权力,帮助他们成长和发展。此外,你将会实现所有通过解决很多有趣的谜题和脑筋急转弯,创造排长队的组合,并造成损害的敌人。简直就是一个完美的益智冒险为免费的“动物运动会”的所有球迷!
★一旦您解决连接你会沉迷于创建您的梦之队,你通过数百个可爱的水平打元素的最初的几个难题。对于大家谁喜欢玩“宠物游戏” - 免费下载这个令人愉快的传奇,你会沉迷于它很快。得到的“最新的免费游戏”的平板电脑之一!对于“水果游戏”或“动物运动会”所有的球迷 - ★动物朋友 – 钻石游戏和比赛3游戏★正等着你免费下​​载!
★ A new and amazing "pet saga" is about to start the moment you download ★Pet Friends Line Match 3 Game★ for free! Take a break from playing ordinary match 3 jewel games and try out something similar but equally impressive and addictive. If you're a fan of "rpg games" but at the same time you like playing games with super cute characters and amusing story, we have a perfect solution for you.
★ Enter the pet world and embark on the craziest rescue saga! We present you an excellent line matching puzzle adventure game that guarantees hours of great time and good mood. Easy and fun to play, challenging to master, definitely one of the most exciting “match 3 games free” with bonuses - ★Pet Friends Line Match 3 Game★!
★ The little forest animals have lived peacefully in their habitat until cruel machines have come and set out to destroy all the trees out there. Now it's up to you to help them fight them back and succeed in their "forest rescue" mission. The animals are now “best friends” united in their mission to fight the enemy – all you have to do is to gather them in a team, discover their special powers and help them grow and level up. In addition, you will achieve all that by solving lots of fun match 3 puzzles, creating long line matches and causing damage to the enemy. Simply a perfect puzzle adventure for all fans of "pet games for free"!
★Pet Friends Line Match 3 Game★ falls under the popular line match 3 genre with players swiping their fingers across the screen to connect 3 or more tiles of the same color vertically, horizontally, or in all other zig-zag directions. Matching more than three items creates a combo, and the longer the chain, the more powerful is the combo, and the more powerful the enemy's attack.
★ There are 5 classes with 3 characters in each, and each class has a different color. Their power-ups are of two types – the Bombs and the Converters. The first blast the adjacent tiles while the latter convert adjacent tiles into their own color permanently. Once you solve the first few puzzles of matching elements you’ll be hooked on creating your dream team as you fight through hundreds of cute levels. For all of you who like playing "pet games" where you take care of pets – download this delightful pet saga free of charge and you'll get hooked to it in no time. Get one of the new "match 3 puzzle games" for tablets!
★ Do not waste your time any longer – join the ultimate forest rescue saga and fight evil fiends in one of the most addictive line connecting games on the market. For all fans of fruit matching games or animal matching games - ★Pet Friends Line Match 3 Game★ is waiting for you to download free!